Anita was born and raised in Yorkshire and from and early age demonstrated a strong creative flair, which grew into a passion for for makeup.  In channelling this passion Anita then moved into what she'd consider her true calling by pursuing a career in professional makeup and enrolling at the world renowned Jemma Kidd Make-up school in London.

A key attribute of the school is the meticulous teaching by career professional's providing strong technical and creative techniques and skills.

The transition into make up for Anita was simple, relying on her strong understanding of light, colour and form coupled with her exacting standards regards application and attention to detail.

Since her graduation Anita has worked on a variety of professional assignments, including editorial, fashion week, television awards and VIP clients. Anita is also MAC certified which is highly recognised within the industry, adopting their philosophies in "all sexes, all races, all ages".

Continuing with her training & realising the potential of extending her skills, Anita also completed a session hair styling course at the London academy of freelance makeup.